Compagnia Siderurgica SpA

Compagnia Siderurgica offers its customers over 30 years of experiencein the sheet metal processing and marketing sector.

Driven by the commitment to continuously improve, we expand and refine our offer to make it highly competitive in the sector. The direct relationship with customers and the skills applied daily allow us to overcome the new challenges of the market withalways effective solutions.

We represent a reference point for all sheet metal treatment techniques such as cutting (plasma, laser and oxy-fuel), calendering, CNC machining, bending, sandblasting and chamfering.

To maintain the excellence of our quality standards every day, we pay attention to three aspects:

The selection of professional operators to perform workmanlike work, right down to the smallest detail.
The use of latest generation machinery and technologies that guarantee quality, efficiency and economic savings at the same time.
The careful choice of the best suppliers, to offer a high-level product within the established times.
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Over 30 years of experience


15,000 square meters of production activity


More than 40,000 tons/year processed


Quality certification

Compagnia Siderurgica pays great attention to the quality of the product supplied. Timely traceability is guaranteed by the functional process of control and management of the material arriving and in the warehouse, which takes place during the reception phase and subsequently within the quality and production offices.

Each supply is accompanied by certificates of the raw material. Our staff is trained and equipped to perform ultrasonic checks and penetrant liquid tests.

Compagnia Siderurgica avails itself of the collaboration of Accredia certified laboratories for further tests or analyzes, with the relative release of a test report, to complete the documentation provided.

Compagnia Siderurgica is a UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and EN 1090-1 Class EXC4 certified company.


Environmental Certification

Respect for the environment and a commitment to sustainability are very important values for Compagnia Siderurgica. This is why we have made our environmental management system compliant with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard.

We work constantly to control and minimize the environmental impact in our processes and we aim to make our activities increasingly effective in green terms.

The certification of compliance with ISO 14001 is for Compagnia Siderurgica a tangible demonstration of a commitment pursued over time and of a responsible and aware philosophy.