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Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting


Plasma cutting is the perfect balance between cut quality, productivity and operating costs.

Taglio Plasma
Plasma cutting


This technique involves the use of a plasma torch. The gas is expelled through the nozzle, establishing an electric arc between the electrode and the element. This step transforms the gas into plasma, which brings the metal to the melting temperature and then to the cutting operation.

The cutting of the sheets with this particular technique is optimal for the realization of parts in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum, with thickness from 3 mm up to 40 mm.

Our plasma cutting department is equipped with 5 systems with 3000 x 24000 mm production areas.

Plasma cutting


Our recently acquired PLASMA BEVEL and PLASMA DRILL technologies  allow us to make the best possible use of the qualities of plasma cutting in complement to other types of working, such as beveling (chamfering in preparation for welding) and drilling, in this way ensuring the optimization of our production cycles and offering significant economic savings for the final customer.

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