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Sheet Metal Cutting Service

For sheet metal cutting, Compagnia Siderurgica offers extremely accurate processing and professional services in various applications: laser cutting, oxy-fuel cutting and plasma cutting.

We are a company specialized in cutting all types of sheet metal, of different thickness and different sizes. The different cuts are masterfully performed to obtain the best possible final result. A proven production system and the certifications obtained testify to the high quality of the service.

Taglio Lamiera

Our added value is given by the search for cutting-edge machines and the use of constantly updated techniques. The meticulous control at all stages of production allows to always maintain the standards at high efficiency levels.

Attentive listening to customer requests and years of experience in the sector allow us to respond effectively even to tailor-made requests.


Thanks to the use of up-to-date technologies with innovative features, we satisfy any customer need in the pre-established time.

The oxy-fuel technique is a flexible and economical solution for thermal cutting of sheet metal up to 600mm thick.

Plasma cutting is the perfect balance between cut quality, productivity and operating costs.

Laser cutting combines efficiency and quality. This technique guarantees high precision, speed and versatility of use.

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