Sandblasting is the best method of surface cleaning of sheet metal.

During treatment, abrasive material is thrown into the metals by the pressure of the jet.

The process prepares the piece for subsequent applications.



Sandblasting is performed with special machinery. Compagnia Siderurgica has two sandblasting plants (micro shot peening):

The first is designed for the treatment of sheets with formats up to 3,000mm x 12,000mm and a maximum capacity of 10 tons. The degree of surface finish obtained by the process is defined according to the specific regulations.

The sandblasted sheets are uniquely coded and stored in the warehouse divided by thickness and quality. The product thus obtained from the processing cycle makes it possible to facilitate the cutting phase as well as to deprive the surface of impurities, improving the quality of subsequent processing as well.



The second is sized for the treatment of parts with maximum dimensions of 1,000 mm x 800 mm and a thickness of 300 mm and is used to further improve the surface of the finished products, offering an optimal quality of the worked part.

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