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Oxy-Fuel Cutting



Oxy-fuel cutting, a flexible and economic solution for the thermal cutting of sheet metal up to 600 mm thick.

The oxy-fuel cutting department has been constantly developed by the Company ever since its foundation and therefore vaunts long experience and a full range of machinery composed of 6 oxy-fuel cutting systems with 2500 x 24000 mm work areas. The operators’ know-how and the means at their disposal permit the creation of parts in thicknesses that range from 10 to  600 mm.



Our oxy-fuel cutting technology has been recently expanded and now offers two new solutions: BEVEL and DRILL.


BEVEL technology permits the production of oxy-fuel cut parts complete with beveling (chamfering in  preparation for welding).


DRILL technology completes the part with drilling.



Both solutions are performed directly on the machine and guarantee an optimization of the productive cycles with consequent savings in time and money for the final customer.


The company also offers laser cutting and plasma cutting services.

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